Do I Have to Be a Fanatic to Be a Christian? | Preach It, Teach It - Sermon Audio

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How do you know if you are a lukewarm Christian? You crave acceptance from others rather than from God. You rarely share your faith in Christ. You think more about earth than heaven. You gauge your morality by comparing with others. You want to be saved from the penalty of sin without life-change. You only turn to God in a bind. You look like the rest of the world. You want the benefits of following Christ without conforming to who He is. 

BVOV – Feb0116 – The Harbingers Continue | Believer's Voice of Victory Audio Podcast

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Believers Voice of Victory Audio Broadcast for Monday 02/01/2016God is the one true God and we need to keep our hearts turned toward Him.  Join Kenneth Copeland and his special guest, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, today for insight into the majesty and the mercy of God. 


Purpose Driven Church | RCCG House of Prayer

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Every church has a purpose for which God created it along with every individual as every Christian is a temple of God.