#237 Supernatural Speed. Pt 1 | Adama Segbedji Podcast

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God is in the business of adding His Super to our natural to cause us to expereience Supernatural Speed in every area of our lives. This message will empower you to experience the Anointing of God that will move you from the back to the front.


When Will Christ Return – C | James MacDonald – Walk in the Word Audio

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Christ’s Second Coming has ignited global debate and sparked intense scrutiny. Many have tried to predict it. All have drawn a blank. But that doesn’t mean we have to live in the dark. In II Thessalonians, Paul tells believers that it’s impossible know the day or hour of Jesus’ return… but we can know the season. So dive into this sermon with James MacDonald and discover the 4 Biblical markers that show when Jesus Christ is coming back.

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Pastor James MacDonald preaches without apology straight from the pages of Scripture, provoking Christians to think and act on their faith. His Bible-teaching ministry, Walk in the Word, launched on as a radio broadcast in 1997, with the mission of “igniting passion in the people of God through the proclamation of truth.”

Modalism Destroys the Gospel, Church History Continued, Response to Jordan Hall | Alpha and Omega Ministries

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A new MP3 sermon from Alpha and Omega Ministries is now available on SermonAudio.com with the following details:

Title: Modalism Destroys the Gospel, Church History Continued, Response to Jordan Hall

Subtitle: The Dividing Line 2018

Speaker: Dr. James White

Broadcaster: Alpha and Omega Ministries

Event: Radio Broadcast

Date: 2/20/2018

Length: 87 min. (64kbps)

Overview: I drove back from Las Vegas this morning and rushed into the office to do a DL. Started with a topic relevant to Shawn McCraney-s comments on modalism last week as this impacts the gospel. Looked at Hebrews 9 as an illustration. Then went back to Reformation Church history, looking at the Avignon Papacy and then the invention of printing as vital background topics. Finally addressed Jordan Hall-s unhinged diatribe -found here- and its many slanders and errors, looking primarily at his confusing the categories necessary to build a meaningful case for cessationism and then at his assertion that my exegesis of 2 John 7-11 was that of a -three year old.- I challenge Jordan Hall to produce his own exegesis of the text, as I will, and we can then compare them.

What is Love? [Part 2] – Koinonia with Apostle Joshua Selman | Download Sermon

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What is Love (Part 2) is a continuation from last week’s message.
In any relationship, there must be clarity of motive, roles and expectations. Without clarity, there is no basis for making progress.
Motives (Intentions) are very important and if not properly defined can cause frustration.