Just One Good Break – Joel Osteen | Joel Osteen Podcast

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You may have situations that don’t look like they’ll ever change, but God has already arranged good breaks in your future. All it takes is just one touch of God’s favor!

Joel will show you how you can live from a place of peace and rest knowing that God is not only fighting your battles, but He’s lined up the exact situations you need in your life to bring you where you’re supposed to be. He has the right people that are going to help you already planned out. He has solutions to problems that you can’t even see right now.

You don’t have to live life worried about how things will work out anymore because God has promised in Psalm 138:8 that He will work out His plan for your life. Instead, release your faith and trust Him. His plan is better than your plan!

Ending Double-Mindedness – B | James MacDonald – Walk in the Word Audio

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It sounds crazy, but we do it: we want two things that cannot co-exist and lead to very different places. It’s called double-mindedness and it creates instability in every area of life. As this message examines the story of Jesus healing the invalid by the pool, you will be helped to locate areas of double-mindedness, take action to help you think differently, and restore hope in the dramatic transformation available through Jesus Christ.

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Pastor James MacDonald preaches without apology straight from the pages of Scripture, provoking Christians to think and act on their faith. His Bible-teaching ministry, Walk in the Word, launched on as a radio broadcast in 1997, with the mission of “igniting passion in the people of God through the proclamation of truth.”

March 2018 Miracle Service – Koinonia with Olufukeji Ejimi Adegbeye, Ileanwa Meshack Alfa, Gbenga Oseke and Jacob Adeyinka | Download Sermon

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March 2018 Miracle Service – Koinonia with Olufukeji Ejimi Adegbeye, Ileanwa Meshack Alfa, Gbenga Oseke and Jacob Adeyinka.

The miracle service is held once a month; usually the last Friday of every month at Koinonia.

KOINONIA is a weekly programme organised by the Eternity Network International where people come to experience WORSHIP, WORD, MIRACLES AND LOVE, experience true intimacy with the Holy spirit and learn to be with Him, be like Him and represent Him.